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wayanad tour guide, places to visit in wayanad

 Have you seen a dream where several lush green mountains with beautiful waterfalls,  yes? then we have Wayanad tour guide for you today, just simply visit Wayanad which is situated in Kerala, a district of this Kerala state. Well there are many places to visit in wayanad, and it is very famous for its beautiful clouds touching mountains, flora and fauna.

   Wayanad have many mesmerizing views and amazing experience that will definitely change your thinking about Hill station. This hill station is little different from others, because of in the same place you can see wildlife, waterfalls, beautiful mountains, caves, Lakes, dams etc.

How to reach Wayanad

By air, Nearby airport is Kozhikhod's Karipur airport, Nearby railway station is Kozhikode Railway station which is 110 kms away. You can hire a cab or taxi to reach Wayanad because beautiful way to Wayanad with circular roads are the part of Wayanad travel. People can also Visit by Chennai to Wayanad train by booking it online on Indian Railway's official website. 

Best Tourist places in Wayanad

There are several places to visit in wayanad in 2 days or in 1 day, few are important that I wanted to share with you, check below Wayanad travel guide.

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary

 Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is a perfect place for wildlife adventure lovers. You can hire a safari for the adventure in Jungle. There are many exotic and wildlife animals to see like Wild Elephants, Tigers, Jungle cats, Monkeys, Panthers, Civet cats, Wild dogs, Deer, Bears, woodpeckers, cuckoos, owls, babblers etc. There is a Kuruvadweep which is famous for river rafting and nature walks, also there is a Pakshipathalam which is famous for bird watching (many migrated birds are here) and Brahmagiri which is well known for Wildlife and Hiking.

Edakkal Caves, Wayanad

 These caves are famous for the beautiful pictorial paintings or cave paintings which are 600 BC older. These caves are too huge you will feel yourself tiny here. The cave discovered by Fred Fawcett in 1890, he was the Then superintendent of Police in District Malabar. This is the major attraction of Wayanad.

Soochipara Waterfalls Wayanad

 Sentinel Rock waterfalls or Soochipara Falls is a three level waterfall which is situated in Vellarimala Wayanad. It is surrounded by evergreen, deciduous and montane forests. Things of plastic is banned in the waterfall area, There is a security check to make sure nobody can take plastic bag or something made by plastic to waterfall area. It is most beautiful waterfall of Wayanad, you can take bath in it also. Also this place is very famous for Wayanad honeymoon tour visitors or family tourists.

Banasura Sagar Dam

 Banasura Sagar dam is the largest Earth Dam in India, and also Asia's second largest earth Dam. The dam was constructed in 1979 to support Power project of Kakkayam Hydroelectric. The Name 'Bansura' was the son of King Mahabali who was the ruler of Kerala. Dam is very beautiful and have to visit for boat ride and other attraction. 

Banasura Hill

 This hill is a lush green mountain situated in Wayanad and one of the best place to visit. There is a Easy hike to reach for top of this hill. It is also one of the highest mountains in western ghats. 

   Apart from it there are many more places to visit in Wayanad like Kuruvadweep, Pookode lake, Sree mahavishnu Temple in Thirunelli, Kanthanpara waterfalls, Karapuzha Dam, Heritage Museum, Ambukuthi Mala, Karlad Lake, Karinthandan Temple, Phantom Rock, Kurumbalakkotta mala (recommended), Tholpetty wildlife Sanctuary, Chembra Peak heart lake, Thrissilery shiva Temple, Assumption forance church Wayanad etc.

Sports activities in Waynad

Paragliding in Wayanad
 Paragliding is one of the best thing to do in Hill station, Wayanad offers one of the best experience of Paragliding in Vagamon Hills. paragliding experience is here is adventurous, mesmerizing and breathtaking. 

Zip line in Wayanad
 Zipline is also one of the best sports for everyone. No matter you are perfect in sports or no this experience will be remembered forever. Wayanad offers best zipline in near to Karlad lake with a cost of 300 to 400 INR. 

Mountain Biking in Wayanad
 Mountain biking is also one of the favorite sports activity for adventure lovers So hire mountain bike or bicycle and start exploring new ways. 

   Apart from it, Wayanad offers many more sports and adventurous activities like Bamboo rafting, Cave Camping, trekking etc. ask for your travel agent or tour operator before visit. 

Wayanad Travel Guide lakes

Cuisine of Wayanad

    Wayanad is famous for it nature and tourists attractions also it is famous for its cuisine which is one of the best cuisine in the South. Wayanad offers best food dishes like Chemmen Unda Puttu, Malabar Biryani, Kadala Curry, Malabar Duck roast and many other veg and non veg food dishes. You can also book your wayanad honeymoon packages or Wayanad Fmaily package with a good travel agent, or you can submit your details below we will suggest you a good travel agent for you.

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