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   Hello folks, Today we have Nainital Travel Guide for information to you, a place which is most famous among all kind of tourists like couple, family, school tourists. Nainital is a popular hill station of state Uttarakhand and also Judicial Capital of Uttarakhand. It is also known as city of tal, or city of lakes and it is situated in Kumaon foothills. Also famous of its verities of Flora and Fauna. As per Mythology Naini Lake is a Shakti Peeth among 51 Shakti peeths in India. The town of Nainital was founded as a Hill station in 1841. Nainital Tour plan for Family or Honeymooners are one of the best tour plan in India. Plan your Nainital Honeymoon tour or Family Tour or Group tour today.
Nainital Travel Guide, Nainital Honeymoon tour

  Nainital is surrounded by three sided Mountains which gives a beautiful look to Nainital Lake. Nainital Tour Package are most of the famous tour Packages in India. Nainital is located around 2090 meters above the level of sea. Most of tourists are domestic travelers, but foreign tourists are also visiting this place. During the time of Summers Nainital hotels are completely sold out (between May and June) due to the school holidays of summers. But if you want to enjoy snow then you need to come in starting weeks of January. Nainital have many places to visit and have many things to do like sports activity and trekking. Few we have for you :-

How to Reach Nainital?

By Air
Dehradun Airport is closed to Nainital, You can take your flight from somewhere to Nainital or take a flight to Delhi. It is the most easy way for a Nainital Trip.

By Train
Kathgodam railway station is also very near to Naintial you can book your train from anywhere in India.

By Bus
Book your bus from New Delhi and leave for Nainital.

What are the Places to See?

Let’s Start Discussion on Nainital that what are the places we can see here.

Nainital lake, is located amidst in Nainital. it looks like crescent shaped. this lake is famous due to it is big sized lake and you can do boating in naini lake. Naini lake is surrounded by 7 peaks namely, deopata, ayarpata, handi bandi, alma, cheena peak, laria kanta and shr ka danda. This place is divided in two parts Tallital and Mallital. There is Naini Temple is also located at the shores of this lake which is also popular in Nainital.

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Tiffin Top, Tiffin top is also second very famous place to visit in Nainital. This is a place basically a top which is the highest peak famous for the view which is mesmerizing and will blow your mind. You can see Nainital lake from tiffin top and it looks so tiny which is the real mean how high this top located is. There is also a selfie point where you can take pictures to save in memories.
Nainital Travel Guide, Nainital Honeymoon tour

Snow View point, Snow view
point is also a very famous point in Nainital. You can reach to this point by taking a cable car ride which cost you nearby Rs. 300 to 400/- per person or by car or trek (we recommend cable car). It offers a panoramic view of milky white snow and ice capped himalyan mountains. 

Cave Gardens, This Place is basically a garden of caves. There are so many caves which was used by several animals years ago, but now newly developed place for tourists. There are a hanging garden which also makes this tourist place more attractive. This is basically situated in mallital area, sukhatal, in Nainital city. 

GB Pant Zoo, GB Pant High altitude zoo was established in 1984 and it is situated on a hill namely Sher ka Danda in tallital. There are so many animals to see like Barking deer, tibetan wolf, sambar, Tiger, Civet (himalyan) etc. and also beautiful birds.

  There are so many more places to visit which are also very important like Famous road The Mall Road, Shri Maa naini Devi Mandir, Hanuman Garhi, Naini Peak, Kilbury Road, Raj bhawan Governor house, Jim Corbett Gurney House, Snow View Point, Famous Tibetan market of Nainital, Khurpa Tal, Himalya Darshan, Thandi sadak, Sariyatal ( also a lake), St. John's in the wilderness church, Neem karoli baba ashram or kainchi dham, Shri Guru singh sabha Gurudwara of Nainital, Botanical garden of himalayan, Jama masjid in Nainital, Hawa caves in Nainital, Mango lake view point etc. Contact your Nainital Travels Advisor by submitting enquiry form at the end of this article.

What are the Sports Activity to do in Nainital?

Boating in Nainital, Boating is very famous and you can do it in Naini lake, Bhimtal or naukuchiatal lake. Boating is also very popular in Nainital Honeymoon Packages.

Trekking and Hiking in Nainital, Nainital offers tourists a large number options of Trekking and hiking, TShere are some good trek points are Batalghat trek, Nainital kainchi trek, Nainital binayak trek, Nainital kunjkharak trek etc.

Horse Riding, Doing hourse riding is a very great experience for everyone, so do it today in the Mall road Area with limited charges.

Paragliding in Nainital, Paragliding is for Adventure enthusiasts people, Book your paragliding ride in Naukuchiatal and explore sky. This is the major enjoyment for Nainital Vacations.

There are many more things to do like Parasailing in Bhimtal lake, Rappeling in Sattal lake, Water zorbing in Bhimtal lake, River crossing (rope) in sattal lake etc.

Cuisines of Nainital

  Nainital's tasty traditional cuisine, you need to try in Nainital but only if you know what are the famous traditional food in Nainital, we can help you, there are few traditional cuisines of Nainital are "Ras" which is made by different varieties of dals or pulses, "Baadi" it is also prepared by using pulses like Toor kee dal, moong kee daal and channa kee daal etc, "Alook ke Gutke" it is a spicy recipe dish made with boiled potato's with red chilies and coriander leaves etc. Plan your trip to Nainital, submit your information to know anything for Nainital Travel Guide below. Let's Plan your Nainital Honeymoon tour or Family Tour or Group tour today.

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