Kausani Travel Guide, a Vacation Retreat in South Asia, India

    Kausani or कौसानी is a popular hill station in South Asia situated in Uttarakhand, India. It is also one of the most visited place by tourists because of the nature and hill beauty. Famous for its amazing wide 300 km Panoramic view of Nanda Devi, Trisul and Panchchuli Himalayan Peaks and for its Scenic splendors.

   With a most good climate (temperature between 10 to 26 °C during the summer) it attracts travelers from hot region to this coldest place. It has also winter temperature between 15 to 2°C which is also good to visit during winter time. There are many tourist attraction to visit, but it is most famous for its nature walk, trekking etc.

Kausani Travel Guide

How to reach Kausani.

By Air

 Dehradun Airport is the most nearest airport to kausani which is 295 Kms, also Delhi airport which is near about 440 kms. You need to hire a cab for a full day journey to reach Kausani.

By Train

Kathgodam railway station which is 140 Kms is the nearest railway station to reach Kausani.

By Bus

 If you are in Delhi and wants to visit kausani then first take a volvo/bus till almora or nainital, then take another to reach kausani from nainital.

Major Attractions in Kausani.

 Kausani have also one more big reason to come is Tea estates. There are several beautiful tea estates to visit and also other ashram for a tour. Few are below let’s explore:

Anasakti Ashram

 In Anasakti, It is famous because of Mahatma Gandhiji was visited here in 1929 and he said this place "Switzerland of India" because of beautiful mountains. This ashram is stocked well with photographs and books of Mahatma Gandhi's life. It is situated in Main kausani area.

Kausani Travel Guide1

Rudhradhari Waterfalls

   You can visit here by trekking/ trail it is one of the most peaceful place which will make a relaxation in your mind. This place gives you a spellbinding experience. It has also some caves which are ancient caves. According to the legends.  This Place has a very historical connection of Lord shiva and Vishnu (Hindu God).

Kausani Tea Estate

 If you are in Kausani then you have to be here. This place is situated in Bhana Padiyar area and one of the most beautiful estate.

 In kausani there are many places to visit which are important and will give you experience of a beautiful nature and history like Stargate, Kausani Observatory, Sumitranandan Pant Govt. Museum, Trek to Pinnath, Someshwar Temple, Kausani Planetarium and Observatory etc.

Things to do in Kausani


 Shopping is one of the most important part of a tourist place here are many places where you can do your shopping with something unique things like Kausani woolen house famous for woolen work, Kumaon Shawl Emporium, or you can visit Kausani Mall road for shopping.


 Trekking is one of the best thing to do in a Hill station, You need to do Trekking to Rudrahari falls.

Adventure activities in Kausani

 Kausani is good for some adventure activities like Rappelling, Mountain biking, Rock climbing and Some more adventure activities. Ask your driver or travel agent for a best place to do, There are so many places where you can enjoy all of this.

Kausani Travel Guide2

Food in Kausani

 Kausani have also a very great cuisine. Best places to visit for having a perfect lunch or dinner are Yogi food point, Valley restaurant Kausani, Garden Restaurant etc.

Things to carry before the Trip

During Winters
 Carry woolen clothes, carry boots, carry some medicine for fever, cough or cold.

During Summers
 Carry normal clothes with 1 or 2 woolens, Carry medicines of Fever, cough or cold.

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