Jaisalmer Travel Guide a Winter Destination in South Asia

   Jaisalmer "the Golden city" is a city in Rajasthan State, India. It is the most visited place for tourists during winter time in India. There are two sides of Jaisalmer, one is City and second is Desert. Jaisalmer is situated at Indo-Pak Border and have saveral historical stories and recognition. Jaisalmer is named on Rawal Jaisal who have created the city in 1156AD. Jaisalmer have a temperature up and down during the day and night. 

Jaisalmer Travel Guide

   During the winter minimum temperature of jaisalmer is 5°C and Day time the temperature is 23°C, whereas during Summer Minimum temperature during night is around 25°C and in the day time is 49°C. Jaisalmer was ruled by many Kings from Rawal to Maharawal there were so many rulers and king who have ruled jaisalmer. There are so many historical and architectur to see in Jaisalmer, from forts to Chattri, from Lakes to Desert, Jaisalmer is a perfect place to visit.

   Jaisalmer is most visited place in North India after Agra Taj mahal. Due to People are coming to see desert, desert safari, camping in desert and camel ride. Jaisalmer have also a Desert national park with many desert animal species.

How to reach

 Jaisalmer is most of well connected from North India Region, but if you are from other state in India you need to come Either Jaipur or jodhpur. And if you are from outside India, Delhi and Jaipur will be the Perfect option for you.

By Air

 Jaisalmer have a Railway station, but there are no so many flights running so Jodhpur is also one option for best reasonable Flight (or Jaipur).

By Train

 Jaisalmer have its Railway station which is in the city of Jaisalmer.

Things to See in Jaisalmer

 Jaisalmer have so many things to see, If you are planning to visit this places then i can suggest you some place below.

Jaisalmer Fort

 It is worlds one of the living fort. This massive fort is constructed by Rajput Rawal jaisal who was the rular of Jaisalmer in 1156 AD. It is also Rajasthan's Second oldest fort made by using Yellow sandstone blocks and the wall are tawny lion colour in day time.

Patwon ki haveli Jaisalmer

 Patwon ki haveli is also one of the most visited place in Jaisalmer. It is a cluster of 5 havelis and also was the first haveli in Jaisalmer. It was constructed in 8105 by Guman Chand Patwa. It was completed in 50 Years of total construction.

Jaisalmer Travel Guide1

Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer

 Gadisar lake is one of the famous lake in Jaisalmer. This is a manmade lake and constrcuted by Ruler Raja Rawal Jaisalmer in 1367AD. It is also one of the main source of water for the Town. Indira Gandhi canal is now the source of water to Gadisar lake.

Desert National Park, Jaisalmer

 Desert National park in jaisalmer situated in the barmer area of Rajasthan. It has an area of 3162 km² which is also one of the largest national park. There is richness of birdlife in this national park, there are so many migratory birds residing here like falcons, buzzards, eagles, harriers, vultures and kestrel, these birds spotted here so many time. Also it is a home of Several animals like in Mammals there are desert fox, desert cat, wolf, Bengal fox, hedgehog and Chinkara. In reptiles there are Spiny tailed lizard, saw scaled viper, monitor lizard, common krait etc. in Avifauna there are larks, shrikes, partridges, Great Indian bustard, sandgrouse etc.

Vyas Chhatri,

 Vyas chhatri is one of the most visited another place in Jaisalmer. It is well crafted cenotaphs with an art of architecture. It is basically an umbrella of Stone work. It is a symbol of respect after the death of royal families of this place.

Desert camping in Sam Sand Dunes

 Sam sand dunes is the major attraction due to camping facilities in Jaisalmer. Best camping stay is in jaisalmemr is in two places one is Khuri which is oldest place for camping and now sam sand dunes, which is the newest place to stay. You can also have a camel ride here which will give you an amazing experience of Desert. Rojani resort and The Golden Camp (golden camp in luxury segment, rojani resort in deluxe segment) camping is one of the best camping experience in jaisalmer with a cost of only INR 3000 to 35000 per night including stay, breakfast, dinner, Rajasthani cultural dance and music show (Folk) and bonfire activity.

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Mateshwari Tanot Mata Temple (120 kms away from main jaisalmer)

 Tanot Mata temple in Jaisalmer near to border area is one of the most famous temple due to there was a story when India and Pakistan war was at its peak, Pakistan army have thrown several bombs and mortar to  the nearby land of tanot mata temple. But none of them was cracked. Local have believe that this was not happened because of the power of that Temple. You must have to visit this place at least one.

   In Jaisalmer there are so many more important places to visit, It is not possible to describe all in this blog, few are below please must visit, later some more places that are not so important but if you have time you can visit.

   More important places to visit like Salam Singh Ki Haveli or Moti mahal, Thar Heritage Museum, Tazia Tower, Nathmal ki haveli, Desert cultural centre, Bara Bagh Temple, Jain Temple, Fort Road, Government Museum, Fort palace Jaisalmer fort, Amar Sagar, Chandraprabhu Temple, Tazia Tower, Silk Route Art gallery, Baari haveli.

   More places like Surya Mandir, Desert village safari, Amar Sagar jain temple, Shiv mandir, Khaba fort Kuldhara Abandoned village, Bada Bagh cenotaphs etc.

Sports activity to do in Jaisalmer

   In jaisalmer there are saveral things to do like Camping in Jaisalmer, Camel safari, Desert Jeep Sagari, Desert Walk, Bird watching in Desert national park, Kanaoi Parasailing, Shopping at jaisalmer local bazaar, Para motoring, Visit at Indo pak border etc.
Jaisalmer Cuisine.

 Jaisalmer cuisine is one of the best cuisine in Rajasthan. Main dishes you need to try are Bada, Lauki ki Kofte, Pyaz kee kachori, Dal bati churma,Kicha ki sabji etc.

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