Bodhgaya, a Place of Peace in South Asia, Travel Guide

   Bodhgaya is a holy place in Gaya District of Bihar State in India (South Asia). Bodhgaya Temple of Gaya is famous in the world because of it is the most important place as pilgrimage for Buddhism around the world. Gautam budh have got the enlightenment here under the famous Bodhi Tree. 

Bodhgaya is a holy place

  Bodhgaya is the famous and important pilgrimage site related to Gautam budha, there are more 3 places which are very important like Kushinagar, Lumbini, Sarnath. It is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. King Ashoka was the King who have built Temple firstly here.

How to reach Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya Airport is the Nearby airport which is 18 Kms away from Bodh gaya.
By Train Gaya junction is the nearest railway station to Bodhgaya.

Places to visit in Bodhgaya.
 In bodhgaya there are so many imporant places to visit foro pilgrimage, but few are very famous. From a big and massive statue of Gautam buddha to Beautiful temple few are below we have for you.

Mahabodhi Temple

 This temple is on the same location where Gautam Budha have attained enlightenment. This temple is an Ancient temple but few parts of the temple restored. Height of the temple is 55m and it was opened in 260BC. This temple contains a descendant of the Famous Bodhi tree. It is one of the most famous pilgrimage place for Buddhists and Hindus from near about 2 thousand years.

Great Buddha Temple in Bodhgaya

 Great Giant Budha statue is one of the biggest attraction of Bodhgaya. height of the statue is 24M, with the meditation pose, Buddha seated in the place or we can say in Dhyana Mudra. this Statue was built with the combination of red granite blocks and sandstone. It took 7 years to complete the construction.

Muchalinda Lake

 Muchalinda lake basically is a historical landmark of Bihar. As per the mythology, Gautam Buddha was meditating here, but there is a huge storm which disturbing him to do meditation, then Muchalinda the snake king came to protect him from storm by Snake Fun or Saamp ka Fan.

Royal Bhutan Monastery

 Royal Bhutan monastery is one of the beautiful and remarkable monastery Here. It was built by Bhutan King as Tribute to Gautam Buddha. With beautiful architecture and beautiful Gautam Buddha Statue inside the temple, This temple you have to visit at least once.

Wat Thai Buddhagaya

 Wat thai is another famous Buddhist temple in Bodhgaya with beautiful and unique design this temple is famous among pilgrimage and tourists. This Temple is an example of Peace and quiet surrounding.

Metta Buddharam Temple

 Metta Buddharam Temple is another important place to visit. It is basically a Thai temple located in Bodhgaya. This Temple is decorative mosaic using mirrors and outer shell of steel (stainless). It is one of the beautiful temple with beautiful surroundings.

   Apart from it in Bodhgaya there are few very important places to visit like Daijokyo Buddhist Temple, Root Institute for Winsdom Culture, Tibetan refugee market, Tibetan temple, Sujata temple, Archaeological museum, Mahabodhi Chinese Temple, Kagyu Monlam, Prachin Bharat Multimedia Museum, Burmese Monastery, Indosan Nipponji, Sujata Stupa, Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling, Tergar monastery, Karma temple etc.

Where to stay in Bodhgaya

 IN bodhgaya Sujata bypass road or Tergar Monastery area is good to stay. These places are very good.

Traditional Food in Bodhgaya

 In Bodhgaya you have to try traditional cuisin like Bihari Kababs, Bihari Boti, Litti Chokha, Sattu Paratha, Chokha, Fish Curry, Chicken masala etc.

 Bodhgaya is not only a place in South Asia, it is a place and capital of Buddhism. Buddhism Religion followed by many countries like Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, China etc. In India around 0.7% population is Buddhists, It is the main temple in the world of Gautam Buddha.

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