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  Darjeeling is the part of West Bengal, India. The History of Darjeeling is indulged with many historical changes. Darjeeling town and its attached surface related or concerned to Sikkim was the part of British India before freedom, But now in the Indian State of Bengal (west Bengal) and a Very important place due to its Scenic Beautiful Mountains, Flora and Fauna.

  We will not go more in deep, let’s start a discussion on its Tourism related facts. Basically area of Darjeeling is 10.57 km (square) and most of the common weather during the summers is 18 to 20 degree Celsius. It is the Least Population state nearby around 1.40 lac to 1.50 lac (as per 2011 census). the Most visit-able places in India. The Main thing about this place for visit is its rich culture and beautiful mountains which are snow-capped during the winters and famous in trekking.

Darjeeling Travel Diaries

How to Reach Darjeeling ?

  Best way to reach Darjeeling If you are Indian You have come directly :-

By Train : to NJP (which is new Jalpaiguri Railway station) which is nearby 70t o 75 kms away from Darjeeling.

By Plane : to Bagdogra Airport which is also 75 away from Darjeeling.

If you are from Outside India and want to come this place then you have come to:
By Plane : First come directly to Delhi then take a flight or train to either NJP Railway station or Bagdogra airport and hire a cab for onward journey or you may pre book it.

What are the Main Attractions of Darjeeling ?

  Darjeeling have a lot of things to do from rope-way to monastery, from tea estates to hill views and valleys Darjeeling will blow your mind with its beauty. 

  There is a rich diversity in Darjeeling, From Hindu temples to Bodh stupa, From Churches to other important religion temples and places Darjeeling always surprise you with some most important and unique architecture and designs of monuments, and also some other important tourists attractions that will change your thinking.

Darjeeling Travel Diaries

  Few Sightseeing Places are Padmaja Naida Himalaya Zoo, Peace Pagoda the famous place, Yiga Choeling Monastery, Himalayan mountaineering institute of darjeeling, Observatory hill view point, Darjeeling famous rangeet valley passenger ropeway, beautiful valley tea estate, mahakal temple, Tenzing Rock, Shrubbery nightingale park, also famous bhutia busty Monastery, Rock garden Darjeeling, Museum of bengal natural history, Darjeeling tiger hill, Japanes budhist temple, Mall road, Tibetan refugee self-help centre, Dali Monastery, Ava art gallery, senchal lake, Famous beautiful himalayan railway (toy train ride) of darjeeling, Ghoom monastery which is semten choaling, Gombu rock, Mirik lake, Famous clock tower of darjeeling, budhist monastery, lebong race cource, kanchenjunga darjeeling view point, Magdhog monastery, Tea Eastate of Rangaroon, Bir sanctuary of Kitam, Lamhatta eco park, Jore pokhari etc.

  So above are the best places to view in Darjeeling but if you have short time of stay you can chose few place as per your time management which are important.

What are the Famous food of Darjeeling?

  Famous Food of Darjeeling will definately influence you to have it. We have some few important food itoms to eat in this place few are below.

1. Thukpa : It is basically a hot noodle soup which is with many veggies and some spices and hakka noodles. You will love this dish.

2. Traditional thali (nepali) of Darjeeling : Thali basically means platter means various range of food served on a single platter or thali like the Dal, Tarkaari, Chutney or Achaar, Bhaat, Rice means a complete meal for you.

3. Churpee : This is basically an authentically snacks which is made by cow's or yak's milk in Darjeeling. Churpees are mixed with Cabbages and it can also be a filling for Veg momos.

4. Momos of Darjeeling : Everyone's favorite Momos! It is the Most desirable food in Darjeeling. With a perfect taste and texture you have to have it in Darjeeling this is my suggestion.

Darjeeling Travel Diaries

Which are the best Clothes/ Attire  in Darjeeling?

  Most of the Ethnic Groups of Darjeeling are still following their traditional dressing. Gorkhas too wear their traditional costumes for their daily routine. They (men) wear Bhoto, Dhaka topi (cap) and Daura Suruwal while the women wear dark coloured Dress known as Chuba or Bakku over a long sleeved blouse.

What are the sports activity we can do in Darjeeling?

  Darjeeling is also famous for the Sports activity. If you love the adventure then this place is for you. From Paragliding to mountain tracking, from whitewater rafting to kayaking this place will always take care for your adventure taste, Also other sports activity like the Mountain biking, Adventure mania, Trek To Purbhikola etc are also the main attraction.

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